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Welcome to extreme RF, where RF players will feel the sensation of RF server with PVP concept but packed with system that will not be boring.
this is an extreme server where players are required to work together to override their respective ego, as well as to demand the player's Baja mentality to survive until the end of the battle .... !!

Things you need to know Player since join Group or rf-extreme game.


1. Since joining rf extreme means you have agreed to all the terms of us as the manager.

About Questions.
* We will not accept group or post discussion about,
- Difference of Damage
- Differences Avoid
- Difference Defense
- Damage MAU
- Damage Isis and Hecate
Surely you will ask why we do not open space for discussion of the problem, our answer is you will not meet any server even balance even official it because:
- equip factor, Amount of mass, Use character skill etc you do not count.
- When you feel the win of the moment you surely feel all right, and in the moment then you just lost feeling that you are cheated by the system.
- Your skills still need to be deeper.
- Each job has its own specialization, nothing is perfect, all there is a way to play it.
- There is no plan or purpose of making any game server who wants one of the characters he made Dominant (superior) from other characters.
- And such discussions will usually only lead to big 0 without producing a solution, so let's Avoid.
#Solution for the problem?
* Move the Race or character that you feel is in the system
* Skill up and improve your playing equip for better


2. War system in RF Extreme
* War system we will adopt is a system where WINNERS war Must be attacked by 2 other nations, why?
- Avoid Politics ally is not good in the game.
- Avoiding personal conflicts of interest or resentment between different Rl or Race Boards.
- Provide opportunities for all nations to grow.
- RF Map is vast and we Only restrict the rules for ally SPECIAL for CM folder, where this map is the benchmark of all race pride.
* Sanctions
- We will reset the CPT against the RL or the captured Boards give commands or hit (hit chip) in Break rules war through player report based on screenshots or reported videos.


3. About the Donation system.
* Donate only through VP, with reason and purpose;
- Player buys their own needs
- Whether it is buying vp using the currency directly or using vp from the website provided equally feel the benefits.
- More maintain the sustainability of the server, because vp is one of the promotional media server.
* Donation Refund System.
- +21 Days after you donate to our server, you are entitled to 100% REFUND (refund) if our service or server For any reason suddenly Close, it is strongly recommended to keep your transfer receipt for Claim Process later on.


4. RMT

* Real Money Trading for any items is allowed
* Real Money Trading for Account / Char is Permanent banned id + ip

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