Let us abide by these rules for our convenience together in the community RF EXTREME REMASTERED.

If you know that there are characters who commit violations in the RF EXTREME REMASTERED game, you can report the matter to the Admin / GameMaster by sending proof of screenshots or video / replay (specifically using illegal programs) violations through Contact Official RF EXTREME REMASTERED.

Fill out the violation report as follows:

  • Nickname (IGN) Report :
  • Nickname (IGN) Bugger / Illegal Program Users :
  • Type Rules: (Example: Fly, Bug Map In Ether, etc)
  • Proof SS / Video : (Screen Shoot proof must use the features of the game and must not be edited, And video evidence must be clearly seen the reported character is committing an offense)

We will monitor the characters that have been reported to ensure the truth of the reports that have been received, and take decisions in accordance with established regulations.

By registering an account on our server, you agree to the following rules with all terms and conditions and will comply with them. You agree that you are personally take responsibility for the consequences that may arise if you violate this rule. This regulation has been made as clear as possible and we have the right to change / add rules without prior notice.

# Violation First Warning Second Warning Third Warning
01 Pretending to be the owner, staff & GM in any form and purpose intentionally or unintentionally. Block IP Permanent - -
02 Act / act / say indecent, inappropriate, pornographic, rude, immoral, and / or contain racial intolerance. Block Chat 1 Day Block Chat 1 Week Block Chat 1 Month
03 Using illegal [3rd party] software / in-game (CHEAT) programs is prohibited. Block Account Permanent Block IP Permanent -
04 It is forbidden to use any kind of game damage (BUG). Kick / Warning Block Account 1 Week Block Account Permanent
05 Prohibited from promoting other RF in the game. Block Account Permanent - -
06 No RMT (Real Money Trading) Character / Account (Only Items). Block Account 1 Month Block Account Permanent -
07 Prohibited from provoking in the game that can hurt the race. Block Account Permanent - -
08 It is forbidden to use nuclear / nuke in the middle area of the mine. Kick / Warning Block Account Permanent -
09 It is prohibited to use chaos potion / chaos mode while the war is running. Kick / Warning Block Account Permanent -
10 War win next cw attack by 2 race, 20 PERCENT FFA MODE (Rules applies to Archon). Block Account 6 Hours Block Account 12 Hours Block Account Permanent
11 It is forbidden to use / modify patches / clients which can harm other players. Block Account Permanent - -
12 (Racism) use of the word racist will not be tolerated, this is an international server so respect for all players is a must Block Chat 1 Week Block Account 1 Week Block Account 1 Month
13 Do not sell and buy Account / Char Block Account Permanent - -
14 Race Leader does not participate in War 3x during Serving Block Chat 1 Week Block Account 1 Month Block Account Permanent