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RF-XTR » International Private Server RF-XTR » International Private Server RF-XTR » International Private Server RF-XTR » International Private Server RF-XTR » International Private Server
RF-XTR » International Private Server


24 Hours Non Stop PVP All Map

RF-XTR » International Private Server


Buy Donation items with Vote Points

RF-XTR » International Private Server


23 New Costume Skinn !!

Bored with your RF Gameplay?
Tired of playing in RF which always makes a new version?
Bored with the RF that opens and closes?

Come join us at RF-EXTREME International
Reward :
*Reward Bassed on Your race and Job
*Package Dragon SET +7
*Weapon Special Relic +7

Event Merge Extreme gives you Equip that can support your game with a loyal community without borders.
Please complete the data at the following link: http://bit.ly/2UzMaWh

To see your event process please click the following link: http://bit.ly/2F9GX2g

See you in game :D

To enliven RF-EXTREME's 2-Year Trip, there is now a special event where players can hunt items in the gamepanel (armor & weapons) through monsters in the game, the trick:

Collect 3 of these materials in your inventory then make an exchange on the Gamepanel Event exchange menu.
Ringleader Head Crawler = Catapult Golden PvP (Nadir)
Eyball Trackers = Archer Sacred (Lume)
Boogie = Vaver Ringleader Head (Elan)

For Donation Armor Exchange Need:
10 Ringleader Head Crawlers
10 eyball trackers
10 Vaver Ringleader Head
Get 1 choice of armor pieces

For Donation Weapon Exchange Need:
20 Ringleader Head Crawlers
20 eyball trackers
20 Vaver Ringleader Head
Get 1 choice of weapons

Hopefully with the 2 Year XTR trip, it can give a good impression to all players.

We have created a REBIRTH automation system, so for anyone who loses his character because it is deleted it can go directly to the Character menu and choose Restore Characters, Thank you

If you need Any help Please contact Admin from email or whatsup

Click this link and follow the instruction : http://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/65-greetings-christmas-and-new-year-event/

Reward :
Participation  20VP

Prizes will be drawn on January 1, 2019
1st Place = 1pcs Onyx Weapon +7
2nd place = 1Dark Ray Set +6
3rd place = IDR 1,000,000 or $ 100

Lucky Draw Winner event Share FB

1. 42 hazen47 KyLoo
2. 22 kacahambur EsDawet
3. 91 monkeydplax lixo

1. +7 Weapon Dragon
2. 1pcs Ring
3. 1pcs Divine Boster


(INFO) Event share your experience during play RF-EXTREME in your FB Post and tag 50 friends (not 50 friends = not get reward), dont forget for put Link website www.rf-xtr.com and picture of your character in your Post.
Fill this form : CLICK THIS FORM
Claim Participant : Post and Take screenshoot your post, then upload in comment FB.
1 id fb Just 1 Post
Participation Reward : 10VP
Lucky Draw
1. +7 Weapon Dragon
2. 1pcs Ring
3. 1pcs Divine Boster
Do not try to cheat this event by creating multiple accounts, because we will track it down and if found out the consequences of the violation are Banned ID + IP + lock harware ID. follow this event with fair play. Thanks
EVENT END ": 01-11-2018

Sorry, i cant reply or post until 3 days in Facebook because have blocked temporary. so for any information please pm me from WA 085354304766 WHATSAPPME or email [email protected] Thanks

Claim at Gamepanel
Get PVP Set Complete (Armor, Weapon Relic, Boster, Ring, Amulet)


• 1 ID = 1x Claim

• Level Minimal = 75

• CPT Minimal = 0

• Playtime Minimal = 300 minutes

• Race Allowed = All Race

• ID creation must be start from 23 Feb 2018

welcome to new website of RF-Extreme International

RF-XTR » International Private Server